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Pacific Dental Services

About The Project

In June 1994, Pacific Dental Services supported its first dental practice in Costa Mesa, Calif. By 1997, the company had grown to support nearly 20 practices. Pacific Dental Services is now the largest dental group in North America with over 600 practices.

Talosity + Talosity Digital were tasked to design and develop their new Patient Registration system online and on mobile integrating with a Artificial Intelligence virtual assistant to help people register.

Additionally we also helped design and build their internal HR – Financial Wellness Center for their fellow employees and Dentists co-owners. It was an internal website to help provider resources to give their team members better financial resources and vendors to help them with, insurance, business loans, student loans, banking, and even forecasting future revenues.

We’ve also help them with newsletters and communications designs.

Pacific Dental Service Internal HR Financial Wellness Center

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Pacific Dental Services is the largest dental group in North America.

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